Daniel’s early training through the prestigious Randolph Academy for the Performing Arts, touring with the American National Broadway Tour and recently performing at the Lincoln Center in New York has given Daniel a solid foundation for his next role as an international recording and performing artist on a straight track to stardom.

With a powerful voice, sensitive interpretation and joyful humor, Daniel brings it all to the forefront in a unique and compelling presentation.

My partnership with Daniel in my role as songwriter, music arranger and record producer, has resulted in the formation of a new musical genre, particular to Daniel, that explores his youth, his energy, his Greek heritage and his wide appeal. The Greek islands, the Brill building, sensitive love songs and the European dance scene all meet at a focal point with Daniel front and center.

For this music to take form, we have partnered with the best musicians and studios available in the world today. Tracks were recorded in Nashville with musicians who have recorded with everyone from Elvis to Elton John to Shania Twain. Our Engineers have worked with artists such as Andrea Boccelli, Johnny Mathis and Olivia Newton-John and additional songwriters have credits on recordings by Rod Stewart, Josh Groban and Bonnie Raitt.

The recording process is detailed and meticulous with Daniel’s voice always being the primary focus as the showcase of what is yet to come in his forthcoming live performances as he tours the world in support of an incredible, unique album of timeless songs.

John Capek

Composer, songwriter, keyboard player, arranger and
scores music for feature films and television