As the song says; it’s a small world, after all.
A ripple on one side of the planet gathers momentum and becomes a wave on the other…in a matter of seconds.

There is a new wave. It has a name. It is Daniel Cannis. Listen, and above the twitter,
you will hear a voice that embraces as much as it entertains. Presence, as much as presentation.
A caress, as much as charisma. Wrapped in a sound of music so new and so timeless, you will feel it wash over you.

The great and ancient nation of Greece has given many gifts to humanity.
From Homer, Helen and Zeus — poetry, passion and power.
From the deep roots of the collective unconscious, these gifts flow through the ages to the voice and music of Daniel Cannis.

A voice of this magnitude is heralded, note for note, by the extraordinary talent of John Capek. The award-winning; multi-million selling maestro is likely the only writer and producer who could have created the songs and sound wrapped around this voice.

Head south from Enrique and east of Bocelli to discover music as hot and passionate as the white sand of the Aegean beaches.
As cool as the late night spots of the islands.
As glowing and resonant as the moon over the Mediterranean Sea.

He’s done a lot, Daniel… New York, Broadway, Lincoln Center.
It is all prologue.
We have arrived at the main event.
You are now part of the wave.